Culminating in a lively finale, Wow celebrates the power of music and dance to create connections across generations and through the eternal cycles of the universe.



Created and Performed by DaNCEBUMS & 6 Families
Movement by DaNCEBUMS
Sound by Six Families
Photography by Bill Cameron

Wow is a shared evening and collaboration between dancemakers DaNCEBUMS and soundmakers 6 Families.

The affinity between these two groups is rooted in our commitment to experimentation. We push at the edges of what is expected from the disciplines of dance and music. In our first collaboration, we’ve created something to please ourselves and our Moms – who supported us as young artists at the barre and music stand.

"Nostalgia and humor are doing a slow dance together."
- Syniva Whitney

With a plot of rolling duets, solos, and trios, DaNCEBUMS peered into the subtleties of our already established group dynamic. These short bursts of dance use and misused conventionally pleasing elements that are tailor-made to our mothers’ preferences. You can count on emotional torsos, humorous turning, beautiful poses, and the ever elusive “dance chord.”

"Filled with exuberance and precision by turns"
- Theresa Madaus


Six Families continued our relentless sonic exploration by reconceiving the songs and stories our mothers have taught us. A new band of composers, performers, and improvisers created a set of old and new songs inspired by growth, rest, flowers, nostalgia, and love.

Familiar at moments, and surprising at others; you can expect this springy compilation of sounds and movements to make you feel like a fine feline, luxuriating in the sun.

Six Families is a collection of musicians organized by nine emerging artists in the Twin Cities: Tara Loeper, Toby Ramaswamy, Noah Ophoven-Baldwin, Cole Pulice, Mark Engelmann, Alia Jeraj, Adam Zahller, Patrick Marschke, and Mitchel Stahlmann. We aim to create opportunities for performers and listeners to participate in honest, thoughtful, and compelling experiences relating to sound, silence, and song. Since the summer of 2014, we have commissioned many written works, supported new collaborations, and curated numerous shows throughout the Twin Cities.



'Wow" turns Mom upside down at Bryant-Lake Bowl Caroline Palmer, StarTribune

Six Families full of DaNCEBUMS Matt Peiken, 3-Minute Egg


THERESA MADAUS ON DANCEBUMS’ “WOW” Theresa Madaus, Criticism Exchange