“To describe DaNCEBUMS’ style, you might say it’s the way you imagine yourself dancing when you’re out with your squad, feeling your look and turnt to just the right level.” -Jay Gabler

DaNCEBUMS is a group of five making dance collaboratively and non-hierarchically in Minneapolis. 

Margaret Johnson, Kara Motta, Eben Kowler, Maggie Zepp, and Karen McMenamy have collaborated in various configurations since 2011. Tightly bonded by friendship, they lived together at 601 Broadway St NE. During their two-year residency, they created a trilogy of original dance-rock-operas; and performed them for friends and neighbors in their single-car garage. In 2013, Karen, Maggie, Eben, Kara, and Margaret formed DaNCEBUMS.

Dubbed “the best dance party in town”, their work straddles the arty and the party as they knowingly move between precise technique and casual pop sensibility. In a search for radical joy, they embrace the awkward, conjure nostalgia, and contemplate bright futures. Their crowd-pleasing performance is imbued with humor, groove, exertion, and extreme bliss.

email dancebums@gmail.com • facebook @dancebums • instagram @dancebums


DaNCEBUMS DaNCE Residency at Icehouse, April 2017
Best NYE Party Third Space, December 2016
Bar Music Concert Kitty Cat Klub, December 2016
Cocktails at the Castle American Swedish Institute, September 2016
What If? Curated by Big Cats, Icehouse, August 2016
WOW Bryant Lake Bowl, May 2016
On Live TV TPT Takeover, April 2016
Third Space Takeover Public Functionary, November 2015
Choreographer’s Evening Walker Art Center November 2015
Opened for Eric Mayson's Detail 7th St Entry August 2015
DaNCEBUMS presented by Dancebums with special guests and Dance Bums MN Fringe, August 2015
New Works 4 Weeks Festival The Red Eye Theatre, June 2015
Minnesota Roller Girls Half-Time Lee & Rose Warner Coliseum, January 2015
New Works 4 Weeks Festival The Red Eye Theatre, May 2014
Hiponymous Coming Out Party March 2014

“Hillariously Uplifting” – Camille LeFevre


Icehouse • Minneapolis • 2015

3rd Space • Minneapolis • 2016

Public Functionary • Minneapolis • 2015

Online • 2015

“It’s a tight ensemble, on a stage, throwing the best dance party in town.” – H. Adam Harris

“Engages and titillates, providing a sensorial rush throughout” – Sheila Reagan

email dancebums@gmail.com • facebook @dancebums • instagram @dancebums