Handpicked by DaNCEBUMS

Hey everyone, we love to dance. It's no secret. It warms up your heart. Builds up positive energy. And is fun to do with friends. As the days get darker you just might need to lift your mood with an emergency dance party. Here are a few handpicked tracks that are DaNCEBUMS approved to get you on your feet, dancing it out.

Are they German?

No! According to Wikipedia, "YACHT is an American band from Portland, Oregon." Perfect for our modern times, this catchy and topical track makes good use of retro-synths and panicky cuts. Sleigh Bells meets discofunk-Bright Eyes, plus a sense of humor.


College Classic

When DaNCEBUMS lived at the Mysterium you could always count on hearing LCD Soundsystem's Dance Yrself Clean at least once at every party! We love this song for its slow, methodical build, and long dance breaks. At nearly 9 minutes long you'll work up a good sweat dancing. Follow this song with a drink – of water!  


Dev Hynes is DaNCEBUMS' #1celebritycrush. We love him for his soft voice, and soft ooshy gooshy joints. We could have picked literally any song from this artist. This video is a theatrical and choreographic vision to behold.

Last but not least

DaNCEBUM Margaret Johnson and forever friend Eric Mayson team up on this poetic pop song. Perfect for standing, swaying, or doing that thing where you bend your knees and shift your weight side-to-side while you nod your head.


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