International Auction House
In addition to an auction of unique experiences, original artworks, and career expanding opportunities, there will be live entertainment as well as food and drink.
February 14, 2019
6 PM – 11 PM
Public Functionary
1400 12th Av NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Tickets start at $10 + fees

Pre-sale ticket buyers will be entered to win our door prize - a $40 gift certificate to b. resale.

10 Lots for Sale


90 Minute Float Tank Session – The Wellness Center

Give your brain and body a break with a 90 minute escape from gravity’s pull. The relaxing effects of floating can reduce stress, promote clearer thinking, and stimulate creativity.

Learn more about the float tank on The Wellness Center's website.


Human Soup.jpeg

Human Soup, Curated Bath Experience from DaNCEBUMS Margaret Johnson & Kara Motta

Human soup is a single-serving curated bath experience. Expert bath-takers Margaret and Kara will design and deliver a combination of bathtub ingredients and accompaniments based on your specific needs or preferences.



Two Massages from Rachel MT at The Wellness Center

What's better than a massage? Two massages, from the destroyer of knots and tamer of tension Rachel MT at The Wellness Center.



TRX Party for 12, or Pilates Party for 8 at Sweatshop Health Club in St. Paul, MN

Planning some kind of party or meet-up for your office, friends, or book group? Buy this, and let someone else do the “heavy lifting” for you.

Pro-tip, there is a bar with really good deals inside the Whole Foods across the street.



“I GOT THE JOB! Thank you so much for helping me through this long, difficult process of finding a job. Your message of inclusion and diversity should be adopted by all job placement agencies in the Twin Cities.”

Andrés Perez
Graphic Services Designer,
Hennes Art Company


One Hour of Career Pathfinding Consultation with Heather Olson – $250 Value

Heather Olson provides creative people with guidance at all stages of their careers. No matter what your creative passion, she will help you pinpoint your expertise, fine tune your cover letter, resume, portfolio, and connect you with the right people to make your next big leap.

Learn more about Heather's work with Soladay Olson.



One Hour of Artist Career Consultation with Springboard for the Arts

Artists! Emerge from your cocoon. In a one-to-one setting, an Artist Career Consultant will get to know you and your work, help you set goals, and develop realistic strategies to help you reach those goals.


Original painting in progress!

Original painting in progress!

Original "Please Dance" Watercolor Painting by Michael Gaughan

This polite and positive message, rendered in psychedelic watercolor lettering, is perfect for covering up that hole in the wall from that time you were extreme yo-yoing and it just got out of hand.

Includes a $199 gift certificate to

Michael Gaughan is a master watercolor artist and teacher. He has exhibited his paintings in many shows from Minneapolis to Miami. His illustrations have been comissioned by Burton, Nike, American Apparel, CityPages, and Har Mar Superstar – to name just a few.



Original Pet Portrait by Katelyn Farstad – $800 Value

A bona fide international art superstar, Farstad will capture your pet’s likeness/aura in an original 11” x 14” canvas in her signature sculptural-assemblage technique.

What better tribute to your truest, most devoted, furry-or-scaly-friend than a portrait that will persist long after they have gone to pet heaven?

Katelyn Farstad’s paintings have graced the walls of Mia, Midway Contemporary Art, Zach Feuer Gallery (NYC), and Luis Campaña (Berlin).



BLB VIP Pass to Every Show in 2019 at Bryant Lake Bowl Theater – $750 Value

Cancel your Netflix and spend the next year taking in all the cutting-edge dance, independent theater, experimental cinema, uproarious comedy, drag shows, questionable improv, scientific salons, and uncategorizable performance experiences the BLBT has to offer.


Photo – Emmet Kowler

Photo – Emmet Kowler

Two Tickets to Rock the Garden – June 29, 2019

8 bands. 2 stages. One. Big. Cherry. Co-presented by the Walker Art Center and 89.3 the Current, Minneapolis’ premiere music festival pairs national and international acts with the best of local music. This item also comes with a tube of sunscreen.



Bidding Paddles Provided

February 14, 2019
6 PM – 11 PM
Public Functionary
1400 12th Av NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Already have a Valentine's date, planning on being out of town, or just can't make it? You can still send us a donation through Brown Paper Tickets.