must be | or what i'm looking for

50 minute dance performance
Created and Performed by DaNCEBUMS
Dramaturgy by Morgan Thorson
Music by Eric Mayson, Frankie Cosmos, St. Vincent, Oneohtrix PointNever
Set and Costume design by DaNCEBUMS
Technical Design by Ross Orenstein
Lighting Design by Sรธren Olsen
Photography by Bill Cameron
Trailer by John Mark

Special Thanks to: Morgan Thorson, Steve Busa, Miriam Must, Third Space, Hiponymous, Aeysha Kinnunen, Galen Higgins, Gretchen Pick, Shay Berkowitz and Phyllis Wiener, Erin Thompson, Kristin and Peter Kowler, Molly Davy, Katelyn Farstand, Anne and Jim Zepp, Dave and Janie Johnson, Jeff Shockley, Tom Lloyd, Syniva Whitney, Will Courtney, Bill Cameron, John Mark, Emma Barber

This flirtatious performance grows from nothingness into a swelling and heroic climax, along the way investigating a fluid power between us all. Inspired by imaginary intimacies, this dancing encounter unfolds across a terrain of skin.

must be | or what iโ€™m looking for was first performed alongside My Only Option was SABOTAGE by Taja Will. Developed in part in the Red Eye Theater's Isolated Acts program.

"Ingenuity meets ecstasy in a new piece by Dancebums" by Sheila Regan