moves4you2do are dances taught to you by DaNCEBUMS.

Mail it mail it

Mail it mail it is an homage to the legendary Erin Thompson, who first taught us a version of this move when we were freshmen, way back in 2008. Tune in as Margaret Johnson breaks it down into 5-6-7-8.

Putting the spotlight on

Putting the spotlight on is a classic technique, taught to us by Geoffery Harris. Join Eben Kowler and the rest of the DaNCEBUMS as they see where this simple move can take them. Music creds: Ssion and Crunchy Kids

Cat walk

Today we are the CaTBUMS. Follow along with Maggie Zepp and Kara Motta as we get in touch with our inner felines. Special appearance by Chloe the cat. Music Cred: Controversial New Skinny Pill

moves4you2do - 2017 Buy Us More Snacks Kickstarter Prize Edition

Thank you to everyone who backed the Buy Us More Snacks tour. For all our supporters at the DaNCE CrUSH level, we created a personalized move4you2do. Enjoy!

Hi Lainie and Sparrow Dance! Have fun with this little diddy, slow it down, speed it up, funk it up! Thanks for your donation!
Becky! Thank you for your donation! Enjoy the "reverse water fall"!
Do the Shoulder Swiptes! Thank you for donating and have fun with this dance move! (We perform this one in "First Dance")
Try this move next time you take your dog for a walk! Thanks for your donation Leanne, we a had a successful tour!
Groove to this dance move! You deserve to slouch walk! Thanks for the donation Shay!
Enjoy this spooky move! It’s one of our favorites! Thank you so much for your support this past season.
Try this move out the next time you go out dancing! We so appreciate your donation Peter!
Do the Side Hug! Because we love you! And really appreciate your support.
Do the Asterisk! Have fun dancing this one out and thank you for donating!
Molly, we love Dolly too! Have fun dancing this one out! And thank you so much for your donation!
Do the "Space Fish"! Have fun dancing this one out! And thank you for your donation!
Thanks for donating Emilie! Here's a punky rock move for Seth. Maybe you'd like to try it to ;)
Sarah - you warm our hearts when walk in the room. You are the best fan/friend we could have. Thank you for donating!
Thanks for donating Aunt Becky! Have fun dancing this move and don't be afraid to change it up and makes it your own!
Hey Mike! Thanks for your contribution to our B.U.M.S Tour. Here's a fun little move you should try!
Thank you for donating to the B.U.M.S. Tour 2017 Kristin! You're one of the best 5 mom's EVER!
Thank you Val for helping us go on tour! You're the best!
Thank you for your financial support to DaNCEBUMS on tour! You've been a great resource to us as we've grown in the past couple of years. We can't thank you enough. LOVE YOU(and Tippy)!
Beth, you're too cool for this dance move but we had to try! Thanks for the money love!
This move was really fun to make, thanks for the inspiration! And thank you so much for you donation and lodging!
Hey Krista, have some fun with this move! Maybe even try it at the office. Thanks for donating!
Thank you for your contribution to our B.U.M.S. Tour 2017 Kyle! Enjoy your dance move :)
Here's your move! We know you can do it and you can probably do it better! Have fun and thanks for donating
Evy, you have been a supportive eye, voice and friend over the years! Thank you for helping us go on tour!
Thank you Kim and Bob for supporting the Bums! We appreciate your loving hospitality as well
Thanks Andrew for your donation! Yes electroswing!
Thanks for donating to the B.U.M.S. Tour 2017 and designing our beautiful poster image Alana!
Thank you for your donation Simon! We had fun making a dance move for you and Monkey!
Thank you Cameran!!!! We so appreciate your financial support and also love seeing you in the audience at our shows. Let's dance together soon pls.
John, you were a great inspiration when making this dance move! Thank you for your support and donation over the years!
Thank you Anat for your donation and community support!
Do the Fish Spine Whale Spine! Have fun bein groovy and weird with this one! Thank you for your support!