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Today we are the CaTBUMS. Follow along with Maggie Zepp and Kara Motta as we get in touch with our inner felines. Music Cred: Controversial New Skinny Pill Web - Facebook - Instagram -

Performed November 28, 2015 at the Walker Art Center Created by DaNCEBUMS Performed by Gabriel Anderson, Emma Barber, Julia Bither, Will Courtney, Katelyn Farstad, Margaret Johnson, Eben Kowler, Kristin Kowler, Tom Lloyd, Tara Loeper, Angelo Loria, Adam Luesse, Karen McMenamy, Mara Motta, Genevieve Muench, Lin Nelson-Mayson, Noah Ophoven-Baldwin, Jennifer Pray, Sarah Rusch, Ana Shinar, Miriana Shinar-Baker, Jeff Shockley, Patricia Silva Mitchell, Paul Stucker, Megan Thimmesch, Mike Thimmesch, Craig VanTrees, Syniva Whitney, Maggie Zepp Sound: "Time Will Tell" by Blood Orange