DaNCEBUMS x Jonathan Kaiser

A few weeks ago DaNCEBUMS had a video shoot with visual artist Jonathan Kaiser, creating material for his exhibition "Of Shadows." According to Facebook:

Set against the backdrop of a vacant hardware store, Jonathan Kaiser’s ‘Of Shadows Of’ investigates the ubiquitous shadow world of photographic representation, with all its tensions between absence and presence, familiarity and uncanny distortion. Relying on shadow silhouettes and optical/analog photo techniques, each piece strips subject and medium down to a fundamental graphic level. 16mm film projections, silver gelatin prints, and photograms foreground the medium’s materiality as much as its capacity for pictorial information. Crystallized into the silver salts of a print, a shadow becomes an entirely new object – a new presence echoes an absent one.

On View Saturday, February 6th from 6-10 PM

Gardner Hardware, 515 Washington Av N

Jonathan Kaiser is an artist and musician living in Minneapolis. He has worked in the realms of fine art, pop music, experimental composition, and cinema -- often with an interest in blurring the boundaries between disciplines.