Buy Us More Snacks Midwest Tour

On the Buy Us More Snacks tour DaNCEBUMS and Eric Mayson traveled to 8 cities in 10 days, performing a selection of their greatest hits in bars and venues across Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota.

This project is inspired by the energy in the crowd when a beloved band takes the stage. The journey began at the 2014 MN Fringe, with DaNCEBUMS Presents dancebums by dance bums with special guests and Dancebums. In the show, DaNCEBUMS played the role of a band performing the final stop of their global tour.

Since then, DaNCEBUMS has gone to perform in bars and clubs around the Twin Cities – including a 4-week residency at Icehouse. The Buy Us More Snacks tour is the logical culmination of that work.

Photography by Matt Gorrie

Homecoming at Can Can Wonderland

October 12, 2017

After a week at home – acclimating – DaNCEBUMS had our last show of the tour. We've never been to Can Can before. It's pretty neat – many many quirky and inventive holes to play. Delightful vintage arcade games. But we didn't come there to play, we came here to dance.


Day Eight: Necedah, WI to Lacrosse, WI to Minneapolis, MN

October 5, 2017

A chilly rainy gray day. Thank you so much Colleen for being an amazing host. We enjoyed homemade sweets, visiting the chickens, driving the four wheeler, and even throwing a football! After a short drive to La Crosse, we ate cajun-style pub food to warm up. When we told locals at the Root Note that we ate there, they all looked at us like it was the worst place we could have chosen to eat in the entire city.

The Root Note had a nice green room, and we were able to spread out and stretch out and rally for our last show on the road. During the show, there was a group of friends who were singing a along to Eric's songs and then got up to dance! Wow – good job La Crosse! Also – amazing Margarita.

After the show, we loaded out for the last time and hit the road. We drove on the dark empty road from Lacrosse to the airport to drop off Margaret, then to 3rd Space to unload the music gear and disperse. We waited silently for our Lytfs and Ubers as one by one we were whisked away to our own beds and our regular lives.


Day Seven: Wautoma, WI to Madison, WI, to Necedah, WI

October 4, 2017

Good-bye cabin. Hello Madison. After lunch (thank you Don and Therese) we went to the Collectivo for caffeine and wifi. We saw two of Alana's poster – way to go Madison street team!

Half of us posted up and did internet stuff while everyone else explored the town and visited cute shops. We arrived at North Street Cabaret ahead of schedule to load in and eat vanwhiches in the parking lot. The bar is super cute and Al, the owner is super nice. The stage is large, and has a nice surface to dance on. Thanks to everyone at North Street Cabaret, and to Joey Broyles and Simone La Pirerre for making us feel so welcomed into your space.

After the show, we made an emergency snack stop at Taco Bell in honor of National Taco Day. We stopped in Necedah and stayed overnight on a small farm.


Days Four, Five & Six: Wautoma, WI/Hill Lake House

October 1-3, 2017

Our bodies are sore and our eyes are sleepy. Fortunately, this cabin was decked out with all the amenities: sauna, hot tub, paddle boat, swimming dock, puzzles. You name it. We even took a little day trip into town for a round of mini-golf. Shout out to Milty Wilty and also Dick at the candy store.


Day Four: Pell Lake, WI to Milwaukee, WI

September 30, 2017

So happy to see some old friends here – Theo drove all the way from Minneapolis and Ben Yela opened the show. Super thanks to Ben Yela, LUXI, River, and the Riverwest Public House.


Day Three: Iowa City, IA to Chicago, IL to Pell Lake, WI

September 29, 2017

What a day! After a late night all around, DaNCEBUMS, Eric Mayson, and Matt Gorrie set out for the windy city. Traffic was brutal, parking was a pain. Things looked dark for a minute, but everything pulled together for a great show at Phyllis' Musical Inn. After the show, we packed up and headed out for our stay at Kara's Mom's house in Pell Lake, WI. Thanks Bob and Kim for hosting us!


Day Two: Des Moines, IA to Iowa City, IA

September 28, 2017

Not far to Iowa City. It's cute here. Thank's Joyce for the cookies. And thanks Bob for a great time on the town.


Day One: Minneapolis, MN to Des Moines, IA

September 27, 2017

We got our giant van and immediately filled with all our stuff, hit the road, and played our first show at The Gas Lamp with Paige Harpin Group. Thanks Paige + Dustin for everything.



9/17/2017 - Minneapolis, MN

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