"To describe DaNCEBUMS’ style, you might say it’s the way you imagine yourself dancing when you’re out with your squad, feeling your look and turnt to just the right level."

– Jay Gabler


Bar Music Concert

Created and Performed by DaNCEBUMS
Music created and performed by Eric Mayson & Toby Ramaswamy
Costuming/Styling by Hilary Winkworth
Photography by Bill Cameron, Emmet Kowler, Matt Gorrie & Isabel Fajardo


Inspired by the passion and vitality in the way that audiences respond to their favorite band, DaNCEBUMS set out to cultivate the same enthusiasm for their dances.

The journey began at the 2014 MN Fringe, with DaNCEBUMS Presents dancebums by dance bums with special guests and Dancebums. In the show, DaNCEBUMS played the role of a band performing the final stop of their global tour.

Fueled by a dancer’s envy of the the love and support for the Minnesota music scene, they have worked tirelessly to transform fiction into fact. By creating choreography that adapts to any space, DaNCEBUMS engage hearts and minds in dark clubs, clandestine parties, and the most sought after auditoriums. 



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